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We provide a fully secured and Medico-Legal Compliant patient-centred healthcare experience with excellence in quality, service, and access.



ClinicJet aims to make the entire tele consultation experience easy, seamless, efficient, and rewarding for both doctors and patients. The platform takes into account the problems faced by both doctors and patients while utilizing the service and tries to address it in the best possible manner keeping their interests as the top priority, making it the most user-friendly tele consultation platform available in India.

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About Us

The World's First Borderless Patient Data Aggregator and India's #1 Cloud Clinic Solution based on the Master Patient Record (MPR) number.

Founded in a small clinic in a by lane in Mumbai with a vision to transform the way patients, pharmacies, laboratories and doctors can have a centralized MPR (Master Patient Record) The core team comprises of a Doctor a Marketing Guru and two Engineers

Made with a lot of love, a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a fair bit of money from our pockets

A diverse collective experience of more than 4 decades.


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What We Do

  • Multi-clinic, Multi-Hospital, Multi-Institutional data flow - streamlined and standardised with a significant level of customisation which will not impede the data flow
  • Create/Maintain in-patient digital record standardised as per Medico-Legal Guidelines
  • Referral on a click with notification sent to the referred doctor to initiate patient communication
  • All clinics collated across the board
  • Dedicated National Call Center to provide a wonderful patient experience
  • Every patients file (MPR) is completely designed to accept inputs from all doctors
  • Plus many more..



I have been using the Clinicjet portal for video consultation with patients almost on a daily basis since the last few months. It is extremely user friendly both for the doctor and the patient. The clinicjet support staff makes sure that the consultations are smooth and hassle free, especially when one or both parties sometimes face connectivity issues.

Dr. Shoaib Padaria

Director of Vascular Science, Jaslok Hospital

Dr. Ameet Pispati

It has been a wonderful experience using Clinicjet. The platform is user friendly, gives 24/7 access to well organised patient records, gives impressive printouts of the doctor’s prescription, and has a very helpful call centre to guide patients make appointments.

Dr. Ameet Pispati

Director of Orthopaedics, Jaslok Hospital

Meet The Team

Meet our team of specialized marketers and business developers which will help you research new products and launch them in new emerging markets

Rohan Sequeira

Dr. Rohan Sequeira

Founder & CEO


Ms. Kanika Katna

Co-Founder & CMO


Henry Ambrose

Co-Founder & CTO


Dilip Pareba

Co-Founder & CIO

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